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Gallery 1/15/2018-

Tarot Graphemes

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He Signs his name on the wind [wing] of a page torn from a dream of silence ―  Allan Graubard, 1999, Fragments from Nomad Days
Empress six of Wands 2/5/2018

Occultism is the study of Divine Mind in Nature. ― Annie Besant
Seven Wands High Priestess 2/3/2018


The whole secret of Mysticism is this, that man can understand everything by the help of what he does not understand. ― G.K. Chesterton
Pope and seven coins 1/24/2018


Creon: Narcissus cracked like fired ice,
as you will in time.
 ― Mark Daniel Cohen, Coarctate: Antigone’s Return, 2010 Eyecorner Press

devil, five of coins 1/20/2018


Joy commands, and by extension, demands, an indwelling exuberance despite circumstance, a carefree ease that is at root brutal, even when fruiting into compassion, and, enthralls any sustained, conscious consideration of the real when, with a less-than-apparent, unassailable self confronts the necessary fragility of indefeasible others. Friday 1/18/2018

experiment: tarot textual texture 1

Society, my dear, is like salt water, good to swim in but hard to swallow. ― Arthur Stringer

tarots: lover, ace of cups, Monday 1/15/2018

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