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What is a Devised Spread?

We have been enjoying Rachel Pollack’s approach to wisdom readings around themes selected from the cards in the Major Arcana. She does not continue the practice with the Minor Arcana in Tarot Wisdom, nor does she lump them in number sets of 4 based on numerical value as does Jodorowsky-Costa. Because we will follow Jodorowsky-Costa organization, we will not have assigned readings in pip cards in Tarot Wisdom. However I suggest that one read the relevant passages in Tarot Wisdom as one can.

Even so I offer us a challenge to devise a wisdom reading spread based on significant aspects of the elements and numbers we will be reading. This is a creative project and is voluntary.

I volunteer to devise the first Spread regarding the Aces. Remove aces from deck before shuffle.

AW            AC                AS            AP

Random cards
     1             2, 3               4, 5        6,7               8

  1. From where does Spirit emerge?
  2. How does Spirit become soul?
  3. How does soul assist spirit?
  4. How does soul create mind?
  5. How does mind serve soul?
  6. How does mind engender the body?
  7. How does the body balance the mind?
  8. How does the body complete the Spirit?
The four aces make 4 triads with these 8 random cards addressing the interpenetration elements as qualities of experience.



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