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W. Yeats & Tarot

after Carole Pierce

Here are some Yeats resources that you might find helpful:

The Life and Works of William Butler Yeats Online Exhibition

The National Library of Ireland offers an amazing walk through a virtual museum of all facets of Yeats' life, including his poetry, politics, spiritualism, and relationships.

Cuil Coole

Thoor Ballylee 

See this page for photos of Yeats' Tower.

Another emblem there! That stormy white
But seems a concentration of the sky;
And, like the soul, it sails into the sight
And in the morning's gone, no man knows why;
And is so lovely that it sets to right
What knowledge or its lack had set awry,
So arrogantly pure, a child might think
It can be murdered with a spot of ink.

--from COOLE PARK AND BALLYLEE, 1931(The Winding Stairs and Other Poems (1933)

Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats

This site is an online version of the authorized canon of Yeats' poetry, ordered chronologically by collection. 

If you are interested in reading more of Yeats' poems with a connection to the tarot, here are some titles:

The Cap and Bells

The Three Hermits

Under the Moon  

Blood and the Moon

The Phases of the Moon

The Tower

A Dialogue of Self and Soul

The Cat and the Moon

Another Song of a Fool

The Double Vision of Michael Robartes

My House

The Wheel

The Fool by the Roadside


Tom the Lunatic

Sweet Dancer

The Black Tower