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Mary-El by Marie White

The Mary-El Tarot  Landscapes of the Abyss by Marie White (broadcast WCOM-fm 3-12-2012)  In this special almost two hour broadcast we take pleasure in talking with Marie White about the beginnings of this exquisitely rendered set of Tarot cards, the text that accompanies them, the symbols illustrated, meanings suggested and the process of the artist in bringing this to life.  See the publisher’s description below and find out more at Marie White.

Please Note download MP-3 recording. Do not listen to them on-line as live-streaming as this creates great expense in file data transfer rates that I pay for. Such inordinate expense will cause me to have to shut this website site down. I have disabled live streaming. You may download the file as is and then add '3' to the file extension to activate it on your computer.

Download MP-3 recording here.


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