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This site was created to feature the tarot skills of Paul Nagy and to feature his classes and services. Also it provides a selective introduction to basic topics about tarot and is a guide to other sites.

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I have a basic distain of most tarot organizations that attempt to certify expertise in tarot. Still I participate in some of these organizations as far as subscribing to membership and participating in classes and events.

I am a frequent student at Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone's The Tarot School Teleconference Classes.

I am also a booster of the annual early Spring Reader's Studio near New York City sponsored by the Tarot School. I try to attend every year to encourage community among tarot reader's.

I also try to attend the Bay Area Tarot Symposium (BATS) in the late Summer in San Francisco, sponsored by the Daughters of Divination.

I am a member of Tarot Professionals and hope to facilitate future teleconference classes  through Tarot Town.

There are many important Tarot online communities that I appreciate, and subscribe to which I am unable to participate with any regularity. 

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