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A Way to Tarot Wisdom


The Way of Tarot: The Spiritual Teacher in the Cards by Alejandro Jodorowsky, Marianne Costa

Note: the Week numbers repeat 1-12; We are currently in Part 1

Part 1 Introductions

Week 1:   

We study introductions. We learn Elemental array Spread. Wisdom utilitarian questions of study Weekly themes. We introduce ourselves and our relationship with tarot study

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp vii-viii, 1-18

Rachel Pollack: pp ix-xi

Week 2   

Continue Introductions

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 20-26

Rachel Pollack: pp xix-xxiv

Week 3  

Continue introductions

Rachel Pollack: pp xiii-xix

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 28-29;

Complete personal introductions.

Week 4

Composition and Rules of Orientation    Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 30-38; 26-27

Week 5

Composition and Rules of Orientation    part 2 Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 38-42;

Major Arcana: Rachel Pollack: pp 1-8

Week 6 

Minor Arcana Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 43-54;

Week 7

Minor Arcana Rachel Pollack: pp 255-265

Week 8

Tarot Numerology: Rachel Pollack: pp 266-271; 277-287

Week 9

Tarot Numerology: Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 55-61; 66

Week 10

Tarot Numerology: Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 67-74; 75-84

Week 11

Ten Stage Mandala: Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 85-94

Week 12

Eleven Color Scheme Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 95-102


Week 0  Sabian symbols and the 10-fold mandala. See handouts.

Week 00   Project to be announced.

Week 000  Project to be announced.

Part 2

Week 1 Major Arcana:

Rachel Pollack: pp 1-8 (review)

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 104-116; 117-119

Week 2

Le Mat/The Fool              

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 121-125

Rachel Pollack: pp 11-26


Week 3

I Le Bateleur/The Magician         

 Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 127-131

Rachel Pollack: pp 27-40


Week 4

II La Papesse/The High Priestess              

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 133-137

Rachel Pollack: pp 41-52


Week 5

III L'Impératrice/The Empress   

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 139-143

Rachel Pollack: pp 53-62


Week 6

IIII L'Empereur/The Emperor     

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 145-149

Rachel Pollack: pp 63-74


Week 7

 V Le Pape/The Pope     

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 151-155

Rachel Pollack: pp 75-84


Week 8

VI L'Amoureux/The Lover           

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 157-161

Rachel Pollack: pp 85-96


Week 9

VII Le Chariot/The Chariot           

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 163-167

Rachel Pollack: pp 97-106

Week 10

VIII La Justice/Justice    

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 169-173

Rachel Pollack: pp 137-146


Week 11

VIIII L'Hermite/The Hermit         

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 175-179

Rachel Pollack: pp 115-124

Week 12

X La Roue de Fortune/The Wheel of Fortune     

Review break

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 181-185

Rachel Pollack: pp 125-136


Part 3

Week 1

XI La Force/Strength      

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 187-191

Rachel Pollack: pp 107-116


Week 2

XII Le Pendu/The Hanged Man 

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 193-197

Rachel Pollack: pp 147-158



Week 3

XIII L'Arcane sans Nom/The Nameless Arcanum               

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 199-205

Rachel Pollack: pp 159-168


Week 4

XIIII Tempérance/Temperance 

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 207-211

Rachel Pollack: pp 169-176

Week 5

XV Le Diable/The Devil 

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 213-219

Rachel Pollack: pp 177-190

Week 6  

XVI La Maison Dieu/The Tower 

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 221-226

Rachel Pollack: pp 191-202


Week 7

XVII L'Étoile/The Star     

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 227-233

Rachel Pollack: pp 203-214


Week 8

XVIII La Lune/The Moon              

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 235-239

Rachel Pollack: pp 215-224


Week 9

XVIIII Le Soleil/The Sun

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 241-245

Rachel Pollack: pp 225-232


Week 10

XX Le Jugement/Judgment        

Jodorowsky- Costa: pp 247-251

Rachel Pollack: pp 233-242


Week 11

XXI Le Monde/The World            

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 253-257

Rachel Pollack: pp 243-254

Week 12


Part 4

Week 1 PART FOUR The Tarot Two by Two: Opening: Consciousness as a Joint Work;  To Begin  

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 346-351

Rachel Pollack: ref

Week 2 The Duets of the Two Decimal Series     

I The Magician—XI Strength       

II The High Priestess— XII The Hanged Man        

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 353-355

Rachel Pollack: pp ref

Week 3 III The Empress—XIII The Nameless Arcanum   

IIII The Emperor—XIIII Temperance       

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 355-356

Rachel Pollack: pp ref

Week 4 V The Pope—XV The Devil         

VI The Lover—XVI The Tower   

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 357

Rachel Pollack: pp ref

Week 5 VII The Chariot—XVII The Star  

VIII Justice—XVIII The Moon     

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 358

Rachel Pollack: pp ref

Week 6 VIIII The Hermit                —XVIIII The Sun              

X The Wheel of Fortune—XX Judgment               

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 359-360

Rachel Pollack: pp ref

Week 7 The Couples of the Tarot              The Fool—The World    

The Magician—Strength              

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 361-365

Rachel Pollack: pp ref

Week 8 The High Priestess—The Pope  

The Empress—The Emperor      

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 374-382

Rachel Pollack: pp ref

Week 9 The Chariot—The Star  

Justice—The Hermit      

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 387-392

Rachel Pollack: pp ref

Week 10 The Moon—The Sun  

The Pairs That Add Up to 21       

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 396-398

Rachel Pollack: pp ref

Week 11 Numerical Succession and Transfer      

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 407-410

Rachel Pollack: pp ref

Week 12 Numerical Succession and Transfer

Jodorowsky-Costa: pp 410-416

Rachel Pollack: pp ref

Part 5 (to be announced)