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Tarot Kinesis: Opening the Card Symbolism Through Movement, Posture and Dance

In order to make the tarot experiential at the level of Malkuth and as a way of a uniting of the various Sephiroth and paths.

Take any tarot card and imitate it as posture, sound, movement, dance, musical notation, mantra, yantra.

Mudra: using the hand and fingers and arms and wrists, makeup a hand alphabet based on the Hebrew letter is for the card.  Do likewise with the English letters.  For instance make a hand ballet of the magician choreographing your finger movements to the M. and then the A and so on to the N.

Make an alphabet language with your whole body. Stylized each letter, develop styles for the Hebrew, English alphabet, and the Greek alphabet. Let the body become a shape for each letter.

Dance out the movements of writing the letters on the floor.  Let the twists and turns of the letters be instructions for steps and turns.

Bring together the Hand Mudras and the body Mudras with these step Mudras.

Imitate the postures of people in the tarot cards. Develop body gestures for the main elements such as cups, wands, swords, and pentacles.

Analyze the tarot card were possible musical analogies.  Create a five line musical score paper and superimposed upon the tarot picture.  Do any of the shapes and rises and falls of distinctive features become notes.  After creating a series of notes in this found a sense play around with rhythm and melody for a musical signature for each card.

Develop a facial expression for each letter of the alphabet, English, Hebrew, Greek. Use a mirror so that you can develop set forms and then perhaps add sound to the facial gesture.

Based on the mantric roots of the names and numbers for each card developed a series of mantric dharanis.

Take for instance Crowley’s Thoth tarot and graphs out of the possible yantric graphs and glyphs.

Do a harmony analysis of the drawing abstracting it into musical notes.

Use the formal titles of the cards for possible development of choreographic elements.

Using this kinesis as a way of opening up the body card connection one can then play around with the symbols developing rituals and liturgies.

I found this note in my files. I am not sure whether I wrote it or not. Apologies to the author. Lethe.

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