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Reading Reversals

Tarot: Reading Reversals

Saturday, July 15th, 2006


As a beginner, reading the cards can seem confusing and arbitrary. The way I handle reversals, especially with a new deck that has its own symbology and associations is to take the lead of the deck’s creator for initial meanings. Most give reversals I have noticed.On the secondary level, when I am actually reading the cards by the images they project and the patterns they reveal I then deal with reversals as part of the pattern.
I read all reversed cards as interrelating together.
I read all of upright cards as interrelating together.
I consider the patterns of the upright and the reversed given where they are spread. Etc.
Generally as a rule of thumb I read reversals as one) lesser energy, two) inverted energy, where the usual meaning of the card turned inward, or are especially egotistical.It is helpful to remember that the soul of comedy is egotism. And in traditional metaphysical systems, ego is the playground of the great Satan. That Mephistopheles is the ape of God. I think this image from Milton.

Anyway, as much as the ego is a liability, it is our very human liability, that we ensnare ourselves more readily than we catch can. In fact the tarot very much reflects our egotistical concerns for our self.

If we really take the reading of the cards as a spiritual discipline, then we are going to be caught up short plenty of times about our own shortsightedness in goals and aspirations.
For me that is empowering, to know how little I know! Not that I don’t keep trying! 


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