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After The Angel: An Account of the Abramelin Operation by Marcus Katz M.A. with a preface by Lon Milo Duquette (Forge Press).

In this hour long podcast Paul Nagy provides an introduction to this instant Magickal classic on knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. 

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John Troy gives in this podcast an account of his relationship with Ramana Maharshi. Paul Nagy also mentions in passing his own experience.

John also provides free access to his version of the Human Gospel of Ramana Maharshi.

See for guide to other gratis digital editions of books about Sri Ramana.

Paul Nagy on Tarot DreamCatcher BlogTalk, host Judy Lopez

Paul Nagy, Leisa ReFalo, on Tarot Ethics, Beyond Worlds BlogTalk, host Donnaleigh De La Rosa

Paul on WCOM discussing Tarot and related topics: Paul had a religious news show, Touchstones. Some of the better and more informative shows are available to download below. In Windows right click mouse "save target as..." to download MP3 files, then play at your leisure. 

December 30, 2008: Bill Stranger on C.F. Kelley's Meister Eckhart On Divine Knowledge

December 22, 2008: Jim Hynes Discusses his Catholic Credo

December 16, 2008: John Troy and Tom Hildebrand: Knowing the Self.

December 9, 2008: Ray Estes Bahai Prophecy Part Three

December 2, 2008: Ray Estes Bahai prophecy Part Two

November 25, 2008: Ray Estes Bahai Path, Part One

Ray Estes is a local friend who has an interesting take on the meaning of Bahai prophecy. I like his unique view and it is important to note that his views are his alone and are not any any way official Bahai teachings.

 June 2, 2008: Considering Tarot, Part 1

May 26, 2008: Tomkins: Affect Imagery Consciousness

March 31, 2008: What might it mean to be psychic? (Audrey Layden's Counselor' s Cafe

August 26, 2008: Metaphysical Marketing with Elizabeth Genco Purvis and Philip Young.

Philip Young:

*August 19, 2008: K. Sridhar on traditional Naada yoga

Special Ganesan Lecture at the Human Kindness Foundation recorded by Marie Oxnard, July 26, 2008

*July 22, 2008: Part 2 Sri V. Ganesan on Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

V. Ganesan July 27, 2008

July 15, 2008: Visit with V. Ganesan, great nephew of Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi (not recorded)Ganesan as child

April 29, 2008: Conversation with Marie White and Paul Nagy about the 2008 Reader's Studio, The Tarot School annual event for professional development tarot readers.

February 12, 2008: David J. Halperin on Kabbalah and Gnosticism Career as Scholar

January 8, 2008: Dream Work 1 with Rev. Tom Lane

November 20, 2007: Tarot Art with Marie White

Other shows to follow see above.


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