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Exploring the Metempsychosis and Reincarnation and How to Read through the Tarot

With the issue of karma addressed, I think one could design a number of classes that delve into the nature of reincarnation and how to read the tarot in a way that addresses the nature of incarnate experience. There are many levels of incarnation and all of them can be addressed by reading the cards and developing spreads that address issues of interbodily existence:  what is the nature of the bardo, what are its levels?  

Investigating the Nature of After-Death States Using the Tarot

We can explore how to read the tarot for births and deaths. We can learn how to read the tarot cards as they relate to issues of destiny at a new births or birthday reading. Likewise we can address the future of the soul after death and its approach to the afterlife for loved ones left behind. For one thing we can address various issues of incarnation such as human to human rebirth, rebirth and other forms of earth life, rebirth upon angelic or demonic levels, the sharing of two or more souls in one body, the development of the angelic twin, the nature of a doppelganger, the meaning of possession, the different levels and styles of possession based on the seven levels of the soul as incarnate.

How to Talk to the Dead using the Tarot as a Medium

Besides addressing issues of reincarnation, we could also develop ways of allowing the tarot to become an oracle for a deceased relative. There are many aspects of tarot reading that have not been fully developed yet. I believe that we as a tarot reading community should band together and begin to address these issues of tarot reading experience, sharing our discoveries and hunches and being willing to debate and discuss and clarify these issues for the betterment and more precise understanding of how tarot readings actually work.