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List of Handouts for A Way to Tarot Wisdom

does not include Elemental Power Spreads.

Each week on Tuesdays, 7-9 PM (Eastern) (12-2AM Greenwich Mean Time -5 GMT Wedesday)

Each session usually has an Elemental Power Spread. Find list here.

Jodorowsky's Elemental Power Spread Image

Jodorowsky's Elemental Power Spread Acrobat

Jodorowsky Color Code Study Guide 

Whiteness of Whale

Philippe Camion Website Code & Restoration

For ease of Studying the Philippe Camion Website I have made up pdf of essential webpages


Heraldry docx

Heraldry pdf

Camion Website

Camion Restoration and Code pdf

David Attwood's Tree of Life Variant of the EPS

Future handouts:

Meditations on the Major Arcana

Color Cut-Out for Major Arcana Cube of Space Surface 1

version 2

From David Allen Hulse: New Dimensions for the Cube of Space, Weiser, 2000.

Sabian Symbols List

2011 Sabian Symbol Calendar

Origin of Sabian Symbols

Previous Handouts

Session 2: Readings Jodorowsky

See 10 of Pentacles

Session 1: Copy of readings for Introduction.