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Meditations on the Tarot by Anonymous

Anonymous - Meditations on the Tarot - A Journey Into Christian Hermeticism |br />

Reading Mott

My general view is that one should not try to rush what needs to`be learned.

Each person has various competencies and gaps in their background knowledge that they apply to this material.

Some of it is old hat with minor variants, some of it is totally new material.

Few people, however, are going to be in general agreement as to what is what.

The more you push for a schedule the more you will be forced to skip over crucial material.

Not terrible for MOTT because it does offer repetition of decisive structures, but still some subtleties will be missed.

Reading the book more than once is the best way to approach these difficulties.

Other choices for group study, such as offering summaries or limiting reading time represents a trade off in comprehension or conciseness.