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Week Five Waite-Trinick Tarot

Audio recording for week 5 (please download file rather than try to listen to it as streaming)

Skim 32 paths of Wisdom looking for possible analogs to our study

The Tree of Life: Filing Cabinet of the Western Mystery Tradition and Methods to Recall the Information by Samuel Scarborough, Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition, No. 3, Vol 1. Autumnal Equinox 2002 (Optional reading)

Note second summary question:

Now is the time to try to put it all together. Send notes as you make them.





Think question: (this question does not require research so much as study of the images, their order and interrelationship and come up, imagine a response to this observation of titles and attributions in the Waite-Trinick Images)
What is the significance the four images entitled Shekinah? XXVIII The Moon XXIX Justice XXX The Star XXXII The World?
Why not XII The Empress? XVIII The High Priestess? Or XXVII Temperance?


Second summary question: What is the story these cards tell in
  • [a] themselves by there symbology and
  • [b] as ranked, arranged together in pairs and triads,
  • [c] lastly as they are links (paths) between Sephira?
Sephiroth Attributions:

The images and colors below are given as suggestion for those who wish to work in meditation with the Sephiroth of the Tree. They are the traditional forms from the correspondences of 777.

1. Kether (Neptune): An ancient bearded king seen in profile;
the crown; the cranium; the thousand-petaled lotus; the divine spark;
the Archangel Metatron;
 brilliance; a point of brilliant white light; white flecked with gold.

2. Chokmah (Uranus): A bearded male figure; an erect phallus;
the left side of the face;
the Archangel Ratziel;
pure soft blue; grey; iridescent pearly-gray; white flecked with red, blue and yellow.

3. Binah (Saturn): A mature woman; a matron; the yoni; the cup or chalice;
the right side of the face;
the Archangel Tzaphkiel;
crimson; black; dark brown; gray flecked with pink.

4. Chesed (Jupiter): A mighty crowned and throned king;
the left arm;
the Archangel Tzadkiel;
deep violet; blue; deep purple; deep azure flecked with yellow.

5. Geburah (Mars): A mighty warrior in his chariot;
the sword; the right arm;
the Archangel Khamael;
orange; scarlet red; bright scarlet, red flecked with black.

6. Tiphareth (Sun): A majestic king; a child; a sacrificed God;
the heart; the breast;
the Archangel Raphael;
clear rose-pink; yellow; rich salmon-pink; golden amber.

7. Netzach (Venus): A beautiful naked woman; the bearded Venus; a rose;
sexuality; the loins, hips and legs;
the Archangel Haniel;
amber; emerald; bright yellowish green; olive flecked with gold.

8. Hod (Mercury): A hermaphrodite;
an apron covering the generative organs; the loins and legs;
the Archangel Michael;
violet-purple; orange; russet-red; yellowish black flecked with white.

9. Yesod (Moon): A beautiful naked man, very strong;
the generative organs;
the Archangel Gabriel;
indigo; violet; very dark purple; azure flecked with citrine.

10. Malkuth (Earth and Pluto): A young woman, crowned and throned;
the feet; the anus;
 the Archangel Sandalphon;
yellow; citrine, olive, russet and black; citrine, olive, russet and black flecked with gold; black rayed with yellow.

Titles for the Major Arcana

The attributions listed here are in accordance with those of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the Society of the Inner Light, the Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.), the Servants of the Light, and Pamela Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit.
Waite-Trinck number Card name (Astroanalog): color association; musical note; Path; Hebrew letter; alternative title
Golden Dawn Titles:

XXX The Star (Aquarius): Violet; A-sharp, B-flat; Netzach-Malkuth; Resh; Lady of the Star, Dispensation, Shekinah
17 Aquarius — Star: Star of the Magi, Sirius, Destiny, Natural Intelligence, Revelation, Meditation, Astrology, Hapi, Ganymede, Brotherhood, The Imagination of Nature, The Dog Star, The Star of Bethlehem, The Pool of Memory, Daughter of the Firmament, The Stars, Sattva, The Genius, Hope, The Dweller Between the Waters, The Friend, The Group, Humanity, The Revolutionary, Tinkerbell, The Unveiling of Nature, The Supernal Power of Divine Fire, The Scientist, The Exile, The Food of the Gods, The Grave of Death, Altruistic Love, Freedom, The Free Man, Soma, The Victory of Fundamental Strength, The Metasexual Lover, The Bear.

XXXI The Blasted Tower (Mars): Scarlet, red; C-natural; Hod-Malkuth; Shin; Tower of Babel
16 Mars — Tower: The Force of Nature, Exciting Intelligence, The Fall of Adam, The Cities of the Plain, Preparation Through Destruction for the New Birth, Pride of Intellect, Infatuation, Catastrophe, The Dark Night of the Soul, The Ruined Tower, The Castle of Plutus, The Column Jachin, Megalomania, The Effect, The Opening of the Eye of Shiva, The Tower of Destruction, The Fire of Heaven, The House of God, The Tower of Babel, Lord of the Hosts of the Mighty, Phallic Energy, Grace and Sin, Anger, The Red One, The Descent into Hell, Awakening, The Crisis Point, The Lightning-Struck Tower, Husband, The Victory over Splendor.

XXXII The World (Saturn): Indigo, blue-violet, black; A-natural; Yesod-Malkuth; Tau; Guardian of the Gate, Restorer of Worlds, Shekinah
21 Saturn — World: The Virgin Universe, The Cosmos, Aion, The Great Ones of the Night of Time, The Crown of the Magi, Kronos, The God of Fertility, The Old God, The Point of Now, The New Jerusalem, Dominion or Slavery, Reality, The Esoteric Side of Nature, Immortality, The Dancing Hermaphrodite, The Center of the Cube of Space, That Which Holds All Together, Administrative Intelligence, Cosmic Consciousness, The Initiated One, The Regents of the Earth, The Woman with the Penis, Guardian of the Times of Man, The Dance of Shiva, The Slain God, The Eternal Present, The Foundation of the Cosmic Elements and of the Material World.

See attributions for full list.


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