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Exploring How We Create Meaning with Tarot

Re-Exploring the Tarot with Fresh Eyes and Generous Imaginations:

If I have my way I would like to create a number of collaborative classes on basic tarot topics that would be exploratory and experimental in design.

I think certain basic issues of how the tarot works needs to be looked at in radically new ways. Most introductory classes in the tarot explains some of the history and the structure of the deck as well as what the images may mean. Some aspects of basic symbology and numerology are touched upon.

Investigating the Nature of Symbols And How They Work

I would like to design a class that looks deeply into the nature of symbols as they relate to tarot reading. The living symbols of tarot have an ontic dimension of interrelatedness that needs to be unpacked before one begins to deal with the redundancies of Aristotle’s law of identity (A= A). I think this will open up the transcendent aspects of creativity in symbols and the way the tarot is to be divined.

Discovering New Levels to Karma and Tarot

Another level for a class would be related to tarot and karma. Karma is the interpenetrating motion of cause and effect on many levels of existence. A deep look at the nature of karma and its relationship to motion, effective motion, reactive motion, prohibitive motion, and the nature of the soul, may give one deeper insights into the way tarot cards can be understood and also the nature of how spreads work.

Recognizing the Names of God and the Qualities of Soul In the Tarot

The nature of the soul as it relates to the 78 qualities of soul in a tarot pack deserves its own exploration; likewise one can also see that the tarot cards refer to 78 qualities of the divine, sort of as divine names. True some of this has been addressed in Qabalistic analogies with the tarot, but I feel that looking at the same issues with fresh eyes, developing spreads to address issues of the divine and soulful qualities.

Exploring the Metempsychosis and Reincarnation and How to Read through the Tarot

With the issue of karma addressed, I think one could design a number of classes that delve into the nature of reincarnation and how to read the tarot in a way that addresses the nature of incarnate experience. There are many levels of incarnation and all of them can be addressed by reading the cards and developing spreads that address issues of interbodily existence:  what is the nature of the bardo, what are its levels?  

Investigating the Nature of After-Death States Using the Tarot

We can explore how to read the tarot for births and deaths. We can learn how to read the tarot cards as they relate to issues of destiny at a new births or birthday reading. Likewise we can address the future of the soul after death and its approach to the afterlife for loved ones left behind. For one thing we can address various issues of incarnation such as human to human rebirth, rebirth and other forms of earth life, rebirth upon angelic or demonic levels, the sharing of two or more souls in one body, the development of the angelic twin, the nature of a doppelganger, the meaning of possession, the different levels and styles of possession based on the seven levels of the soul as incarnate.

How to Talk to the Dead using the Tarot as a Medium

Besides addressing issues of reincarnation, we could also develop ways of allowing the tarot to become an oracle for a deceased relative. There are many aspects of tarot reading that have not been fully developed yet. I believe that we as a tarot reading community should band together and begin to address these issues of tarot reading experience, sharing our discoveries and hunches and being willing to debate and discuss and clarify these issues for the betterment and more precise understanding of how tarot readings actually work.