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Beth-Owl's Daughter Ethics


My Code of Ethics and Conduct as a Reader

As a member of the American Tarot Association, as well as in the practice of my own spiritual path, I am committed to the highest professional standards.

1. Honesty and integrity are of the highest priority in my readings. I will always tell you truthfully what I see. While my style is not gloomy and I like to use humor when appropriate, I will never hide or sugar-coat what the cards indicate. I will interpret them with as much impartial objectivity as I can. I will also offer whatever wisdom, life experience and intuitive insight I can to help illuminate the experience.

2. I am not a fortune-teller. I do not believe that Tarot readings reflect any sort inevitable future. I always remind my clients that they can affect the outcomes of any reading and that their free will and personal responsibility are fully their own.

3. My sessions are no substitute for medical, legal, or therapeutic care, nor any other professional advice for which I am not qualified. In such cases, I will urge the client in the most strenuous and clear terms to seek professional guidance.

4. I do not conduct readings about anyone other than the client (except in cases where the reading concerns an animal companion). This applies in particular to readings that are focused on the personal matters of someone not present at the reading. I will decline giving any reading which may violate my personal ethics.

5. My mission is to give you practical ways to imagine, connect to, and create the life that is your highest calling. Therefore, I conduct my sessions so that they provide an enlightening and supportive experience. I am committed to act with integrity, honesty, and compassionate wisdom and I will always offer solutions and options when dealing with problems. However, you alone are responsible for your own behavior.

6. My sessions and my client list are held in the strictest confidence. Any information shared in a session is completely private, unless there is an immanent threat of danger to self or others. To protect my client's privacy, in most cases, I will not conduct a reading with anyone other than the client present.

7. I respect and honor all my clients, regardless of age, gender, race, background, spiritual beliefs, sexual preference, or economic status.

8. All fees will be clearly stated and agreed upon before beginning the reading. If, at the time of the reading, a client is not satisfied with the level of my knowledge, my ability to communicate the pertinent information of the cards, or otherwise dissatisfied with the way the session is conducted (not related to the actual content of the reading, which may or may not be objectively judged by the client), I will refund my fee or make other arrangements to the client's satisfaction.

9. Being aware that many people seek intuitive guidance at times of emotional vulnerability, I am especially careful to nurture responsibility and personal empowerment for my clients. I will never deliberately attempt to alarm or frighten my clients, nor otherwise use the reading for my own gain and influence, nor will I allow my clients to become overly dependent on my readings.

10. I conduct myself in a professional manner. I am on time for appointments, fully present, honoring my client’s process, listening carefully and compassionately. I will not read the cards when any parties may be under the influence of mind-altering substances. I keep my promises and commitments and provide a safe, comfortable, welcoming environment for my readings. I am committed to the ongoing study and practice of my craft, so that my clients can be confident they are receiving the highest levels of care and expertise.