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Sample Teleconference Class with Handouts

Description of Class

Okay you want to find out what a class is like without actually having to attend one. This class was the very first one Joy Vernon and Paul Nagy offered September 17, 2009, The beginning of the High Holy Days! It was a preview and survey course and was recorded as a preliminary orientation to the Series Joy was doing on the Tree of Life and the Tarot.

You are welcome to sample it. It is rough and not closely edited. If we ever actually decide to record classes so people can listen to them at their leisure, we will I hope come up with a better way of recording them.

MP3 Recording. (best to download onto you system to listen to)

Also we provide the handouts and a couple of other images.

How to Draw the Tree of Life.

Jordan Hoggart's Tree creating hexagram star using two lines. Note revised Version

Classic Tree of Life after Kircher (Large Image)

Listening to the program may be a bit confusing so here

Outline of Survey Tree of Life and Tarot

Other materials:

Labeled Spheres and Paths by Joy Vernon

Bibliography by Joy Vernon

Follow up Spreads.