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Exploring How We Create Meaning with Tarot

Overview of the Tree of Life  

Facilitated by Joy Vernon and Paul Nagy

Free preview class facilitated by Joy Vernon and Paul Nagy is available as a sample class free to download and listen to.

This class meets via telephone conference call, September 17, 2009,Thursday evening from 6:15-8:30 p.m. Mountain Time (5:15 Pacific,8:15 Eastern).

Cost: Free!

Contact Joy today to register.

This is a teleconference class--call in from anywhere and participate! The teleconference details will be emailed prior to class.

What the Heck is Kabbalah and What in the World does it have to do with Tarot Anyway??!!??

This high-energy, interactive, introductory class introduces the most basic principles of the Tree of Life: the primary symbol of that branch of Jewish Mysticism called kabbalah. The Tree of Life is a geometric glyph whose elements establish a series of correspondences, or analogies, that can be used to gain insight into all aspects of life and that can be used as a template for connecting with our higher self as we approach the Divine. Although the layers of correspondences can become quite complex, the basic principle is very simple and can be learned in a short time. As they say with the game of Go: a few minutes to learn, a lifetime to master! 

In this class, you will learn how the glyph for the Tree is a blueprint for the process of manifestation, and we will show how the 78 cards of the Tarot deck relate to the Tree of Life. Using a handout of the Tree of Life, and instructions for how to draw it, which will be emailed ahead of time to those registered for the class, we will discuss its meanings and applications.

These are the kabbalah basics we will be introducing in this free teleconference:

  • Tsimsum
  • 4 worlds; correspondence to the Tetragrammaton (the ineffable name of G-d)
  • 10 Sephiroth (Spheres) and how they relate to the pip and court cards of the Tarot
  • 22 Paths and how they relate to the Major Arcana
  • 3 Pillars
  • Lightning Flash path of enlightenment through the 10 Sephiroth
  • Path of Redemption: climbing back up the tree via the 22 Paths 

If you like this, there's more to come! This class initiates a series of kabbalah courses done via teleconference. Call in from anywhere and participate! Deepen your knowledge of kabbalah and expand your tarot vocabulary through this detailed exploration of the sephiroth and the paths in a collegial environment of discussion and mutual sharing of knowledge. Please join us!

All levels of tarot readers, with or without previous experience in the kabbalah, are welcome to join in this free introductory class.

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