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The Tree of Life: Below the Veil

This class is completed and is here as archive only.

Facilitated by Joy Vernon and Paul Nagy

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Free preview class facilitated by Joy Vernon and Paul Nagy is available as a sample class free to download and listen to.
If you plan on joining our tree of life series do take time and listen and review material in this previous class for orientation.


We begin our journey up the Tree of Life from the world we live in: the world of manifestation, Malkuth. This series of six sessions examines the lowest four Sephiroth (Spheres) of the Tree of Life and their connecting Paths. We will learn the basic kabbalistic symbolism of the Tree, including the names, colors and astrological associations of the Sephiroth, and the Hebrew letters and translations of the Paths to augment our levels of understanding of the tarot correspondences. Focusing on a collegial format grounded in the sharing of knowledge, we will ponder the symbolism of each sephirah, then extrapolate the meaning of the paths that connect them. Take-home exercises using tarot spreads to further explore this symbolism will be provided.

Historic Tree of Life
Historic Tree of Life based on Kircher

This Series introduces the Three Pillars, the bottom four Sephiroth, and their six connecting paths.

Class 1. Introduce the Middle Pillar; Introduce Malkuth (four 10s, four Pages) see handout

Class 2. Review Middle Pillar; Introduce Yesod (four 9s), Examine Path of Tav (World)

Class 3. Introduce Pillar of Severity; Introduce Hod (four 8s), Examine Path of Shin (Judgment, some consider it Fool)

Class 4. Compare Pillar of Severity/Middle Pillar; Examine Path of Resh (Sun)

Class 5. Introduce Pillar of Mercy; Introduce Netzach (four 7s), Examine Path of Qoph (Moon)

Class 6. Compare Pillar of Mercy/Middle Pillar; Examine Path of Tzaddi (Star); Examine Path of Peh (Tower)

Review and Summary. TBD.

If you like this, there will be more to come! We'll work our way up the tree in four series, winding through meaning and metaphor. Discounts to repeat customers! If you pay for a full series, future series will be discounted. And for our nomadic guests: six drop-in purchases earns you a free class!

These classes are recommended for intermediate to advanced Tarot Readers. No prior knowledge of kabbalah is necessary, but if you are new to kabbalah, please join us for the free teleconference, “Overview of the Tree of Life,” on Sept. 17.

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