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Aperçus (pər sy) mean a series of perceptive insights, discerning summaries.  Our focus is conceptually fashioned within the broad areas of religion and philosophy. Often our discussions are shaped by recent books and articles.
Apercus.org is designed as the editorial and opinion essays, a review of professional academic and scientific new books. Unlike our sister site that concentrates on informational reviews and notices of new books arranged by theme, topic and title, Apercus.org explores new ideas that arise from of these reviews but would be tangential to providing a balanced view of the book under discussion.  In other words, this blog, instead of being product driven, is theme driven to highlight and summarize unique insights and astounding juxtapositions in the sciences and humanities and religion.
 We hope these explorations are as entertaining and playful as serious and predictive of emerging trends and correlations into human knowledge.

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