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Supplemental Research Topics for Joseph Campbell's The Mythic Image [1974]

The Mythic Image

A weekly tarot conference call study

Introduction to Picture Interpretation According to C.G. Jung is a secondary text that is our guide to how to discuss the images in The Mythic Image and in our tarot card readings. You may access this pdf of the Abt text here.

Johanna G Sherman's from Sacred Rose Tarot.

Explanation fpr Spread
Full Layout for  Elemental Power Spread
Abbreviated Template Elemental Power Spread

Secondary  Resources

Introduction to Picture Interpretation According to C.G. Jung by Theodor Abt

The Way of the Image by Yoram Kaufmann

Dated Research References

September-October 2017 Layout
Abt Method Tools Outline Part Two Document
Abt Method Tools Outline Part Two pdf
Abt Method Tools Outline Part One Document
Abt Method Tools Outline Part One pdf
Abt Method Question Form Document
Abt Method Question Form pdf
Abt Method Outline Document
Abt Method Outline pdf 
New Pictures
Leonid Afremov's Park Lights
Dewitt Hardy Maine watercolor
Sunset Oil
Ruebins [leftpart] Garden of Love
Symbola Aureae Mensae
Picture 4
Picture 3
Picture 2
Picture 1

Nature & Time
Spread for Month of August 2017
Spread for Week 14: July 25, 2017
Spread for Week 12: July 11, 2017 Part 1
Spread for Week 12: July 11, 2017 Part 2
Spread for Week 11: June 27, 2017
Spread for Week 10: June 20, 2017
Spread for Week 9: June 13, 2017
Spread for Week 8: June 6, 2017
Spread for Week 6: May 23, 2017


Sacred Mountains in Tibet and Peru
Introduction to Sacred Mountains of the World
Armenian Identity
Sacred Mountains Envirnomental Activism
Spread for Week 5: May 16, 2017

1) Ten of Coins
2) Judgement
3) The High Priestess
4) Four of Swords
5) King of Coins
6) Two of Coins
7) Ten of Cups
8)  The Fool
9)  The Emperor

Spread for Week 4: May 2nd 2017
Elementary Power Spread with Interpretations 4/25/17 pdf
Week 3 4/25/17 Elementary Power Spread jpg
Jacob Epstein’s monolithic statues Night and Day created an Uproar

April 9th 2017

Dedication commentary


Published: June 30, 1981

John D. Barrett Jr., a trustee and former president of the Bollingen Foundation, which sponsored projects in the arts and humanities, died Sunday at his home in Greenwich, Conn.

He was 77 years old.

A graduate of Yale in 1926, Mr. Barrett traveled and lived abroad until he became an officer of the foundation. In addition to his administrative duties, he edited various foundation books and was active in the Old Dominion Foundation and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Mr. Barrett, who never married, is survived by a sister, Helen Lynch, of Greenwich.

Vaun Gillmor (wife of prominent NYC physician also correspondent with C.G. Jung

McNEILE—Vaun Gillmor A memorial service for Vaun Gillmor McNelles wife of the late Hector J. McNelle MD, will be held at St. James's Church, Madison Ave. at 71st ??? N. Y. C. on Monday, Sept. 27, 1976 at 11 A.M.

From Selected Letters C.G. Jung Volume 2:

Introduction to Picture Interpretation: According to C.G. Jung by Theodor Abt

A preeminent synopsis of the visual analytics of archetypal psychology of art

Exceptional in its clarity and brevity, this book casts the skills of visual arts education into a practical psychological mode. Stimulating and immediately applicable, it instructs eye and mind into ways of significant seeing and thinking. It introduces to the public a way the concrete unconscious communicates expressively by symbol and dream in our cultural artefacts. [Paul's Amazon review]

About Bollingen:

Bollingen: An Adventure in Collecting the Past by William McGuire https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/0691099510/

The Sistine Chaple Plan and Rational

This is a plan of the Sistine Chapel jng

High Renaissance Michelangelo picture survey pdf

Creation of Adam God and Sophia-Eve in Penumbra Brain pdf

Adam Porter's Theological Discussion of Creation of Adam pdf

Historical Background Sistine Chapel see page 10 for discussion of Eve pdf

Line of Fate Leo Steinberg see pp 33 for Eve pdf

Angel Wings A Homoerotic Platonism pdf

William Morris The Briar Rose

The Briar Rose Panels & Poem

Dante's Divine Comedy

Complete Norton Translation pdf





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